So! I’ve been doing this thing on one of my Discord servers for a long time called “Etymology of the Day”, where I take a word of the day and give the etymology of it! People found it really fun, and still find it really fun, but at this point I wanted to open it up to people other than the users of my Discord server, so I’m moving my old EOTD’s onto this blog! I hope people like my vague ramblings about linguistics on the internet :P

(Below is my first EOTD. It’s pretty low quality compared to future ones because I was still testing out the concept for people.)

apotheosis is actually a really fun word because its directly taken from latin!

in latin “apotheosis” meant “deification”, to to make something godlike/to elevate to godhood, typically used in regards to an emperor.

and the romans literally stole it from the greeks! greek “apotheosis” meant “to change to god”, from the greek ‘apo-‘ meaning “change”, and ‘-theos-‘ meaning god/godly