Hello! MY name is Sasha Valeriya, or SV for short, and i’m a nerd. Like, a huge nerd. Like one of the nerdiest nerd you’ll ever meet. I don’t do much besides nerdy stuff, so it makes sense.

I’m currently in school for my Bachlors in Computer Game Design and Software engineering, really fun (and nerdy) stuff. My passions besides computer and software engieering are, as you can probably guess from the rest of the site, is linguistics! Well, linguistics and writing/reading in general.

I write novels and articles and stuff, mostly for The Asexual. I mostly shill those over on my personal-personal website, though, over at the vampire place though, so I’ll save it for over there :P

As for this blog, It’s mostly going to be Etymology of the Day (as a continuation of my previous months-long EOTD on discord.) and misc linguistics things, and occasionally maybe personal ramblings. Thanks for stopping by!

Also, here’s an image that encompasses me. Etymology-is-my-passion